While studying Cracking the Code Interview book I came across a mathematical formula for Big O Notation when it describing the Big O Notation of String Concatenation in Java. Many of the principles in programming have mathematical backgrounds such as Big O Notation, methods, binary and the underlying science behind how programming languages work. This article is a guide for understanding the Big O Notation of string concatenation in Java. It contains excerpts from Cracking the Code Interview Book (Chapter 1).

Code for String Concatenation

Algorithms can be described as solving a problem using a series of steps. It is a set of rules or steps you follow to solve a specific problem or complete a task. In the popular TV show Friends Monica was a chef and she wanted to recreate her friends’ Phoebe grandma’s lost recipe for cookies. Monica spent hours trying to figure out the recipe for the cookies. The joke was that Phoebe’s grandma lied about it being a secret family recipe and the recipe happened to be Nestle Toll House recipe ( a recipe you can find anywhere). This simplified…

Coding Challenges are the bread and butter of getting a software development position as all major companies test you on coding challenges for software development positions. An entire industry is designed around preparing candidates for coding challenges. Coding challenges are difficult and learning how to approach each coding challenge is difficult. I initially didn't like learning coding challenges. However, after a while i began to enjoy learning them as i felt it opened my eyes to common data structures and patterns. This blog will focus on a coding challenge called “Right Smaller Than” which deals with one of the most…

The React Pokemon Searcher Lab is a lab that requires you to understand the React Library and flow of information that occurs between components. This blog will show the requirements of the lab and the code used to complete the lab. If you are looking for a more detailed explanation of each part of React i recommend reading my previous blog that goes more in depth.

Pokemon Searcher React App Final View

Pokemon Searcher App View


React Pokemon Searcher Deliverables


React is a library that allows you to build web applications very quickly using components. React views a website as different components that are rendered on a website. Depending on how you define the components you can encapsulate data within each component and then determine how they function together when rendered on the website. React Docs published by Facebook gives a good example of this.

Components for example website

Step #1: Determine the components we will be using based on what each component is responsible for.

Each color represents a component on the website as it is designed for a particular task such as…

Functions are similar to methods or actions that our program can take. Functions allow us to put together code that we will execute when that function is called or invoked. In the Javascript programming language functions are considered an object that contains a sequence of JavaScript statements.

The Toy Tale JavaScript Challenge requires you to use different strategies for creating the website including event listeners, manipulating the DOM, creating functions and accepting user input. Below is the breakdown on how to solve this lab challenge.

Main View of JavaScript Website

Read Me

Index. html
Variables used to find elements from DOM
Get Function for Getting Toys.
Function for Rendering Each Toy.
Function to render toys
Checking Target Value
Post Toy Function
Patch for Like Button
Full Code

With this breakdown you can help add new toys for Andy and Buzz Lightyear to play with!

Woof Woof is a Flatiron lab that requires you to build a JavaScript Website that renders Dogs. It should look something similar to the below image. In this article we will show you how to solve this challenge step by step.

Woof Woof Webpage

The Deliverables for the Woof Woof Challenge

The Read Me specifies the deliverable for this website.

Read Me for Woof Woof
index.html specifies the boilerplate for the website.

The index.html is crucial because we can add defer to the script to prevent the index.js script from running before the actual page load or we can use the DOM Content Loaded Event Listener.

Defer option to prevent…

DOM (Document Object Model) represents the code in a browser. When you visit a website and right click the website you will see an option for inspect. When you click on inspect you can see the source code of the website. This source code is not ALL of the code for the website but the actual Document Object Model of the website. We use JavaScript to “communicate” with the DOM and make changes to the website.

Browsers like chrome come with built in dev tools which allow you to manipulate the JavaScript code. In order to open the dev tools…

In Flatiron School everyone experiences a lab which requires DOM Manipulation , accessing Database, handling user driven events, creating appropriate functions and rendering views with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Keeping tack of everything can be very tricky as there are many moving parts along with rules and conventions that must be followed. If all the components are not properly working together we will encounter issues with our website. It is important to understand the flow with building a website. …

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